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AXA is the leading provider of 2D cel animation software to cartoon animators all over the world. AXA Team 2D PRO is used to produce everything from personal projects to video games to television commercials to Saturday morning cartoons. More studios use Team 2D to produce animated films like those on these pages because...


THE EASIEST TO USE - AXA Team 2D was designed specifically to do 2D cel animation in a Windows environment. It is not an adapted version of a 3D program or an add-on product for a 3D company. And it was not ported to Windows from any other operating system. We studied traditional cel animation for a year before we wrote any software. Then we designed it to work just the way you always have but with the advantages of digital processing. That's why we call it "Tradigital Animation". And that is what makes it easier to learn and easier to use than any other cel animation software you can buy. Complete training, if requested, can be done in 1 day. That means you can be up and running, producing digital animation quickly and easily.

THE MOST PRODUCTIVE - Ease of use, perfect painting into anti-aliased lines and automatic input & output make AXA Team 2D PRO the most productive. You can do more animation on your first day with it than you did on your last day without. In fact, one animator can scan, paint, and output a 30 second spot, complete with multiplane camera moves, in a single day.

THE BEST QUALITY - But ease of use and productivity aren't worth much if the results aren't any good. So we designed all of the ease of use around the highest quality standards. You get over 16 million colors to choose from in your color palettes. You get soft-edged shadows and highlights with natural transparency. You get automatic line cleaning and anti-aliasing. You get sub-pixel accuracy in

your camera moves. You get everything you need to produce top quality images for film, television or computer games.

THE MOST AFFORDABLE - What you don't get is an inflated price tag. AXA Team 2D is less expensive than any other 2D software because AXA sells more 2D software than anybody else.  And when you consider the affordability of standard Pentium-based computers combined with their productivity and reliability you get a combination that can't be beat. Our customers tell us that our software pays for itself in the first 30 seconds.

AND IT IS EXPANDABLE - The productivity features in AXA Team 2D PRO automate both input and output. And the simplified networking through Microsoft Windows along with the modular pricing make it easy to expand from one workstation, doing up to 30 seconds a day, to a large production studio turning out several episodes every week.

We simplify the production side of cel animation so you can concentrate on the artistic side to improve the quality of your animation and the profitability of your studio.


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